theDeano is a national speaker who provides affordable communication and development training, consulting,
and presentations for colleges, high schools, governing boards, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.
Deano Pape

Workshops for Businesses
Services include establishing social networking guidelines/training, interpersonal /intercultural sensitivity training, and understanding generational communication.

Social Networking for Businesses: Discuss the most effective tools to use with your business strategy and client audience. Provide on-site training for your employees on a variety of social networking tools of your choosing. Create effective and meaningful guidelines for employee use of social networking tools and provide guidance to employees on the use of personal social technologies during business hours, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Skype.

Technical Writing Assistance: Have your technical manuals or business correspondence professionally copy edited prior to distribution. Host a workshop in which your employees learn the fundamentals of writing excellence, including appropriate email correspondence, common writing mistakes, and the essentials of proper grammar.

Public Speaking for Management and Employees: It may have been some time since your employees were in a classroom where their formal public speaking skills were put to the test. Train your employees in public speaking techniques, including the appropriate and effective use of PowerPoint and video enhancements. Employees will learn how to engage and persuade their audiences. Employees with high degrees of fear of public speaking will learn strategies for overcoming their apprehension.
Interpersonal/Intercultural Sensitivity Training: Quality employees may need occasional development of their interpersonal and intercultural communication skills. Training is provided for conflict resolution, identifying and working with varied personality traits, listening strategies, and being sensitive to a world filled with a rich array of cultures, lifestyles, ideas, and values.  

Intergenerational Communication: Today’s students are tomorrow’s workers. This presentation will describe this generation’s interactions with technology and uncover the values, attitudes, and beliefs of those who have grown up with computers from day one. Extensive discussion of intergenerational communication will be included.  
Ask about customizable workshops and consulting visits, including communication audits, collaborating across departments, and leading meetings with confidence!