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Deano Pape

Workshops for Colleges and Universities
Professional development for faculty and staff is essential, but it’s a tremendous challenge to get faculty to conferences outside of their content areas. Bring your training on-site with the following workshops:

Wikis, Blogs, RSS, Facebook, Ning—oh my!: Students use social media every day, and now it is time to turn the tables and see how faculty can use these technologies for academic purposes. Participants learn how to access these technologies at little or no cost and apply their use to advance pedagogy in and outside the classroom in all disciplines. Workshop participants will also gain tools that help students evaluate online evidence. This is not a technology workshop—it is a learning session that uses various easy-to-use technologies to advance student engagement of material and improve their skills.

Speaking Assignments in the Age of PowerPoint: We've all suffered through PowerPoint presentations as the speaker reads slides word for word, nervously racing to get through the material. This workshop provides the framework for varying lengths and types of speech assignments that can be adapted to any course or discipline of study.

Enhancing Student Success Through Group Discussion and Problem Solving: This workshop provides strategies to enhance students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities in a group format. Workshop participants will use a variety of discussion techniques more effectively in their classes and evaluate group discussion as part of course outcomes. Although students often favor solo assignments, the “real world” operates by small groups, committees, task forces, and decision-making bodies of all sizes. The more experience we provide students, the more effective their group work will be!
Mini-Debates for Every Classroom: Mini-debates provide a different type of tool for instructors — an opportunity for students to engage the course content, challenge ideas of others in a controlled environment, encourage the use of argumentation and persuasion skills, and use/evaluate online evidence. Participants learn to set up mini-debates (in a wide range of disciplines and class sizes), foster excellent argumentation skills, and work with overly aggressive or apprehensive students.

Ask about customizable workshops, which include incorporating communication skills across the curriculum, developing service-learning coursework, and creating/sustaining a first year studies program! Back to Education