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Workshops for High School Students

Students need opportunities for enriching and engaging pre-college workshops. Information and media literacy, combined with effective writing, are skills in high demand. Consider the following workshops for your students.

Mediated Reality:
Students interact with media more than any other activity—including going to school, communicating with others, studying, or sleeping! As students interact with mass media and technology 15 to 20 hours per day it is critical that they understand the impact media has on their lives. Students will evaluate media samples, including ads, YouTube videos, and websites, to further their understanding of how media guides their decision-making, study habits, and their value systems.

Persuade Me, Please: Whether it’s their friends, teachers, or the media, students are bombarded by attempts at persuasion every day. Students will learn the art of persuasion, how to evaluate persuasive attempts, and craft appropriate messages to persuade others. The ethics of persuasion is a key aspect of the workshop.

Interpersonal Intensity: Relationships with friends, family, and teachers become very complex as students mature. In this workshop, students will learn key interpersonal concepts and apply them to their lives. Relationship power, esteem needs, and nonverbal communication are key aspects of the workshop. The workshop takes an objective approach to interpersonal evaluation and provides opportunities for students to reflect on their lives.

Just Write It: It’s time for students to step up to the plate! Help them hit a homerun and find out what college faculty are really looking for in their writing. Students will discover the most common mistakes made in college-level writing, discuss the role of micro-level errors, be provided suggestions for nailing the first college writing assignment, and review college writing pieces for criticism.

Argue with This!: Critical thinking skills are a must in today’s society! Students will consider argument models, learn how to frame their analysis, and identify fallacious reasoning. Readings will be provided for student critique and evaluation. This is NOT a debate workshop—the focus is on critical thinking strategies and the role of the argument on improving their evaluation skills. Back to Education