theDeano is a national speaker who provides affordable communication and development training, consulting,
and presentations for colleges, high schools, governing boards, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.
Deano Pape

Workshops for Nonprofit Organizations
theDeano conducts a variety of workshops for nonprofit organizations, including civic groups, education and service-oriented 501(c)3’s, and community development organizations.

Working with Boards: Nonprofit directors and government officials often find it a challenge to work within committees and boards to get quality work accomplished. This facilitation identifies the key attributes of the board and its communication dynamics. Individual interviews will be conducted to engage in discussion of the personalities and procedures involved in the specific board or organization. In addition, observation of the board or committee in deliberation will provide a foundation for consultant recommendations at all levels to improve communication dynamics and work procedures for the boards and their executive directors.

Group Facilitation: Nonprofit organizations can find themselves struggling in their attempts to collaborate, communicate effectively, and work together to develop solutions for your community. Following extensive review of mission statements and organizational goals, patterns of communication, power dynamics, interagency communication and collaboration, and external communications, your organization will identify ways to move forward productively.

SWOT Analysis: The SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis includes small and large group facilitation to identify the qualities of the organization and its major stakeholders. Private interviews with members, community leaders, elected officials, board members, and other stakeholders will round out a set of recommendations that will include a written and oral report to the organization with specific recommendations provided by the consultant.

Intergenerational Communication: Today’s students are tomorrow’s workers. This presentation will describe this generation’s interactions with technology and uncover the values, attitudes, and beliefs of those who have grown up with computers from day one. Extensive discussion of intergenerational communication will be included.

Ask about customizable workshops and consulting visits, including communication audits, strategic planning, and social networking for nonprofit organizations.