theDeano is a national speaker who provides affordable communication and development training, consulting,
and presentations for colleges, high schools, governing boards, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants and Organizers

“His discussion of excellence and what it looks like is inspiring and he shows us how to get there!”

“Excellent presentation—very knowledgeable presenter!”

“I would have never even thought about using blogs and wikis in my coursework. Thank you for the ideas!"

“Very clear, well organized, and informative!”

“Loved the links to other sources!”

“The discussion of high standards and how to apply these techniques immediately—outstanding!"

“Very enthusiastic! Very knowledgeable!”

“I appreciated the clear thesis statement to express intent of the workshop!”

“Great ways to improve learning and critical thinking!”

“Depth and breadth of knowledge is great!”

“I just wish this had been an all-day workshop—an hour isn’t enough! Bring him back for more!”

“I gained a more thorough understanding/ appreciation of multi-tasking, social presence aspects of students.”